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Tena koutou katoa
He mihi tenei ki nga uri o Tukairangi
I a matou e whakamura nei i nga ahi o te wa kainga
Tena tatou katoa

Greetings and blessings to all of our whanau.  I hope your time over the Christmas break with your families and friends has been enjoyable.

 I write on behalf of the trustees to inform you our owners that the Trust has submitted an offer for a 66 hectare kiwifruit orchard of gold G3 in Napier which was successful. The final settlement date is in late February this year.

 Many of you would have seen various news articles relating to that purchase and wondered how and what has happened. As a result we have decided to send out this update.

 At the Annual General Meeting last year in October 2016, I raised the need for our Trust to look strategically at growing our assets without using our Maori land blocks in Matapihi.  We have also been able to work closely with our subsidiary  Tukairangi Investments Ltd to see what we can do.  The outcome as you now know, in this short time is the new orchard acquisition.

 The purchase consists of 4 orchards located generally within the same area in Taradale, Napier.  Over the next month, the immediate next actions are to appoint a new orchard manager and confirm all of the other necessary matters to progress the completion of the acquisition. 

 It will be an exciting year, which as a result of the purchase will see our orchard canopy area more than double in size and our asset base increase as a direct result.  Whilst we will need to keep a very close eye on progress in the first few years, we are keen and eager to ensure our acquisition works for us all and our Trust continues to grow and prosper. 


 Nga manaakitanga o te wa


Ratahi Cross

Spray Control

Ngai Tukairangi Trust has implemented SprayWatch a fully automated messaging system to inform neighbouring property owners prior to the spraying of agrichemicals. It is all about providing timely messages about spraying within the orchard. Justin Pewhairangi is employed as our spraying supervisor responsible for ensuring the correct application, storage, recording and notification of spraying operations.

Shareholder Database.

To ensure that you are receiving your dividends, please make sure that any changes to your address or bank details are advised.  Te Awanui Huka Pak Co-operative Ltd manage our Shareholder Database.  Please do not hesitate to contact Pani-Aroha Robinson on 07 572 5955 or via email on  pani@teawanui.co.nz if you have any queries or wish to update your details.

Process for buying and selling Ngai Tukairangi Trust Shares

The transaction is strictly between the seller and the purchaser. The Ngai Tukairangi Trust and their Trustees are not involved in the process.

The Ngai Tukairangi Trust maintains a register of shareholders who wish to purchase shares.

Please register your interest via email to ngaituk.sec@xtra.co.nz or by phoning 07 578 6683.

  1. If you are wishing to purchase shares your name will be added to the above register.
  2. If you are wishing to sell shares using the above register, we are able to forward your contact details onto the interested parties that have registered their interest.

For more information check the Maori Land Court website http://www.justice.govt.nz/courts/maori-land-court
or Click here for an information booklet


Rental Properties

 From time to time our rental properties become vacant. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for rental housing please leave your details with the Secretary at ngaituk.sec@xtra.co.nz to be sent an application form.

Matapihi Water Pipe Line

The Tauranga City Council has now begun earth works, to lay the larger water main lines and hydrants in the areas of Matapihi, not serviced, this was negotiated by us while discussing the Southern Sewage, the Tauranga City Council is still seeking Resource Management endorsement.



Matapihi Land Use Plan

The Ngai Tukairangi Trust and both Ngai Tukairangi Hapu and Ngati Tapu Hapu plus our Marae and Community have had numerous meetings with the Tauranga City Council to determine how we want our land used for housing, better economic use and areas of pa sites, urupa, surrounding beaches and waters, protected, this will be added to the Council 10 year  District Plan.

Whareroa Marae

Hungahungatoroa Marae

Waikari Marae



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