Grants and Scholarships

The Ngai Tukairangi Trust is committed to providing our beneficiaries, shareholders, their children and in some cases, the community at large with funding to support their endeavours through scholarships and grants. 

Community Grant

A Community Grant is available to provide assistance to community organisations to recognise and support the efforts of community groups in their endeavours.
Priority for this fund goes to shareholder interests, and those groups associated with Matapihi
  •  These funds can be used for kohanga reo, kura, marae, sports teams and sports clubs. However, the funds are not restricted to these groups.
  •  Individuals are not eligible for this fund.
  • The maximum Community grant available is $500
  • Applications for the fund are open all year round
  • Once funds are expended, no further allocations will be made that year.
 Please click here for a Community Grant Application Form
Sports and Cultural Grant
The Ngai Tukairangi Trust Sports and Cultural fund is available to provide financial support for shareholders, their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren, competing in an event, or representing their school in a regional, national or international event or competition.
The Sports and Cultural policy provides funding (based) on the level of representation) between $100 up to $500, depending on the event and the associated costs. 
  • This grant is for individuals
  • Only one application per year is permitted
  • Applications for the fund are open all year round
  • Once funds are expended, no further allocations will be made that year.
 Please click here for the Sports and Cultural Application Form

Tertiary Education Grant

Ngai Tukairangi Trust invests a substantial amount of funds in its future generations by way of the Tertiary Education Grant.  Funding is only available to owners or descendants of an owner in Ngai Tukairangi Trust.  Applicants must be in full time study at a recognised NZQA Tertiary Institution. Priority is given to full time study in horticulture and trades qualifications. 

Tertiary Education Grant:    Variable up to $3,000

Fulltime tertiary study
Tertiary Excellence Scholarship:    $5,000
One Excellence Scholarship of $5,000 is available.  Applicants must complete an essay and be involved in some type of post degree or graduate studies.
Tertiary Grant (Business, Science & Culture): 3 Grants of $1,000
In addition to the tertiary education grant, three additional grants of $1,000 may be provided for applicants who demonstrates outstanding achievement in the three target areas - business, science or culture. Applicants will not be eligible to hold more than one of these additional grants at any one time. 

Application forms for 2015 will be available following our next Trustee Meeting in February 2015.

If you would like to be sent an application form, email your details to the Trust Secretary at or phone 07-578-6683. 


 Please ensure you answer ALL sections on the application, and provide all the relevant documentation. Incomplete applications will affect the assessment of your application and recommendation to the trustees.


1.       Closing date for applications is 31 March 2015

2.       All applications will be forwarded to an external assessor after the closing date

3.       Assessor’s recommendations returned to the Education Subcommittee and presented to the full Trust Board for approval at June meeting

4.       Applicants informed after the June Trustee meeting

5.       First payment made after June Trustee meeting.

 Please note that successful applicants will be required to provide further confirmation from the tertiary institution that they are still enrolled, before payment is made.

 We wish you well in your studies for the coming year

Tertiary Excellence Scholarship 2015


This scholarship is offered to Ngai Tukairangi Hapu descendants who are beneficiaries of the Ngai Tukairangi Trust. The award seeks to acknowledge those students that are studying at a level or in an area of study that deserves special recognition and to recognise the contribution made by Ngaroimata Cavill to preserve the tikanga and kawa of Ngai Tukairangi hapu and promote the values of community and whanaungatanga.

The successful applicant will be expected to attend the 2015 Ngai Tukairangi Trust Annual General Meeting to make a presentation about their achievements for 2015 and their aspirations for the future.  The Trustees reserve the right not to award the Scholarship of Excellence if a suitable applicant can not be found.

Previous recipients
2005 Wiparera Te Kani Tertiary Excellence Award  Read more
Marama Lambert - Optometrist           

2010 Te Hauoterangi Rikihana Tertiary Excellence Award  Read more
Meremaihi Ngatai-Aloua  - Te Panekiretanga o te Reo Maori            

 2011 Hinerau Huia Te Kani Tertiary Excellence Award Read more
Kiamaia Ellis  - Masters in Maori Studies            

 2014 Toahaere Faulkner Tertiary Excellence Award
Adrianne Taungapeau - Phd Business Management

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